CCTV Cameras

The final price of a video surveillance system is a very important feature. It motivates or refuse customers purchase. But besides such monetised by kamerite.kom we provide clear and complete characteristics of each component of it.

As for the design of the CCTV system, this process is reduced to a collection of various data such as:

· The wishes of the client;

· The area that will be guarded;

· Outdoor or indoor is the type of space;

· The distance at which it is necessary to be visible;

· The objectives of CCTV – addition to security guards or autonomous system.

In previous articles we have discussed the issue of the components of a video surveillance system and each separately. So now we will focus on the cost of the cameras and the parameters by which it is determined.

For example, you have a restaurant and want to build a video surveillance system. In this case you need dome cameras or those for indoor installation. When choosing a particular model, you need to know what area of ​​the restaurant as the option to manually select how close or distant to be the image is inherent in the varifocal cameras.

Inherently there is restaurant muted lighting. The reduced illumination of the object requires the use of cameras or infrared cameras infraredpodsvetka. Many of the models that have these features fall into the group of varifocal cameras.

If your restaurant has an open space, such as a garden, then you will need and dome cameras for outdoor or other suitable.

In case you need a video surveillance system to store, our advice is to bet on cameras with high resolution. Yes, they are more expensive than those with a low, but they are much more effective. When the goal is to observe traffic and possible irregularities, theft and accidents, it is important to see in detail what is happening.

In summary we can say that when building a video surveillance system for your site, you need to be careful what you choose cameras. They are a significant cost of all the equipment, but also the basic technique, which depends on its effectiveness.